Gas fire extinguishing systems for “Avantazh” data center.

4 June 2018

The works on introduction of gas and water fire extinguishing systems for “Avantazh” data center located in Lytkarino, Moscow Region, have been completed.

ASPT Spetsavtomatika performed a full range of works: design, supply of equipment, installation and commissioning.
The project uses gas fire extinguishing modules MPH 55-180-50, manufactured by ASPT Spetsavtomatika, filled with agent Novec 1230 (FK-5-1-12).
The total volume of Novec 1230 was about 5.5 tons.

For water extinguishing systems, Globe equipment is used.

The customer was the largest Russian system integrator Technoserv.
A detailed report on the project is posted on the Habr.