Water extinguishing systems

ALFA-FOG Fire Suppression System

Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems ALFA-FOG are designed for extinguishing liquid and solid inflammable materials in different locations.


ALFA-FOG systems can be utilized for fire protection of locations classes 1, 2, 4.1, 4.2, 5 in accordance with Regulations 5.13130.2009.

Class 1.

Book depositary, libraries, circuses, museum vaults, exhibitions, art galleries, concert halls, cinemas, department stores, hospitals, hotels, administrative buildings and other civil facilities.

Class 2.

Production facilities of the following plants: wood working, textile, tobacco, shoe-making, leather-processing, fur production, paper mills, paint shops, preservation and depreservation, cotton wool, synthetic and film material, tailoring, automobile services, garages and parking lots, B3 locations.

Class 4.1.

Inflammable natural and synthetic fibres shops, dyeing and dryer chambers, open-air dyeing and dryer facilities, mixing rooms with inflammable liquids, B2 locations.

Class 4.2.

Compressor stations machine rooms, regeneration stations, hydrogenation stations, extraction stations and other facilities for combustible liquids processing, B1 locations.

Class 5.

Warehouses with incombustible materials in combustible wrapping and slow-burning materials with piles up to 2.5 meters. Requirements of the present regulations supplement existing rules and regulations.

ALFA-FOG system description.

Water mist is formed by delivering water under pressure using ALFA-FOG technology. Two types of ALFA-FOG systems are manufactured: sprinkler and deluge.

ALFA-FOG systems also differ by the method of water supply:

  • Electric driven pump units SPU or mSPU
  • Diesel driven pump units SPUD
  • Gas-driven mechanical piston-type pump (GPU)

ALFA-FOG systems consist of several components:

  • High-pressure pumps;
  • Sprinklers
  • Deluge sprinklers
  • Control units
  • Pipelines, fittings and special-purpose units;
  • Water reservoirs


Water pressure on the pump units’ outlet can reach 14.0 MPa. Working pressure on spray heads is 5.0-12.0 MPa.

Extinguishing area can be estimated in the table below:

Room class Minimum footage for ALFA-FOG system calculations, м2
1 60
2 120
5 90

The temperature of ALFA-FOG sprinkler bulb shattering:

Surrounding temperature, 0С

Actuation temperature, 0С
Up to 38 57
From  39 to 50 68
From  51 to 58 79
From  59 to 70 93
From  71 to 100 141

Time of water supply for fire extinguishing should be not less than 30 minutes

ALFA-FOG deluge systems are installed in classes 4.1 and 4.2 locations and in areas where highly flammable liquids and combustible liquids are present

Automatic start of deluge systems could be arranged with:

  • Annunciation system;
  • Fire alarm system;
  • Production machinery sensors

Every section of ALFA-FOG deluge system must have separate control unit.

Switching on of deluge curtains can be done automatically, remotely or manually.

Only AISI316L stainless steel pipes or similar has to be used in ALFA-FOG systems.

Working pressure is 140bar; test pressure is 210bar.

Pipes of the following sizes are commonly used:

  • Distribution pipeline: 12×1.2mm
  • Feeding pipeline; supply pipeline: 16×1.5mm
  • Feeding pipeline; supply pipeline: 20×2.0mm
  • Feeding pipeline; supply pipeline: 25×2.0mm
  • Feeding pipeline; supply pipeline: 30×2.5mm
  • Feeding pipeline; supply pipeline: 38×3.0 mm
  • Supply pipeline: 30×3.91mm
  • Supply pipeline: 76.1×5.00mm


ALFA-FOG fittings must be used for tubing connections as well as for connecting units and devices; permission from ALFA-FOG is compulsory for using fittings from other manufacturers.

Screwed fittings with pressing gaskets are used for pipes 12-38mm diameter; flange connection fittings are used for pipes over 60mm diameter.

Only ALFA-FOG control devices can be utilized in ALFA-FOG systems; installation of control devices of other manufacturers are not allowed.

Three types of control devices are used in ALFA-FOG systems:

  • Sprinklers control device
  • Deluge control devices
  • Pre-action control device

All ALFA-FOG systems are certified as compliant with technical regulations (compulsory certification)

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