Thermocable is a linear heat detector enabling early fire detection.

Safe Cable is a true breakthrough in linear heat detection. You will not need to purchase costly control devices to make thermocable work; it easily integrates in any existing non-addressable system, either requires simple introducing into address loop of addressable system.

Thanks to advanced technology and latest researches used in this product, length of a hazard zone can be increased up to 3000 meters. Technical characteristics and three types of outer jacket permits using thermocable for protecting any facility.

Safe Cable is easy to maintain and more cost effective than analogs. Ease of maintenance, installation and operation allows cutting costs and working time multi-fold. This unique product will help save thousands at any project, and its reputation bases on outstanding design solutions.

Thermocable is utilized when use of other types of detection are either not efficient or non-operable at all because of their specifications, as well as in applications where a hazardous spot is well-defined.

Types of thermocable:

  • TC 155 (TH68) – response temperature 68 С
  • ТС 172 (ТН78) — response temperature 78 С
  • TC 190 (TH88) — response temperature 88 С
  • TC 220 (TH105) — response temperature 105 С
  • TC 356 (TH180) — response temperature 180 С


  • High sensitivity at overall length
  • Three types of design (conventional, commercial and outdoor)
  • Critical in explosive environment
  • Easy to install
  • Zero maintenance costs
  • Service life more exceeds 25 years
  • Considerably cheaper than analogs

Thermocable consists of two trimetallic wires with individual heat-sensitive polymer isolating jacket.

The trimetallic wire includes:

  • Steel power wire (providing tensile strength)
  • Copper wire (providing conductivity)
  • Tin wire (providing corrosion resistance.)

All three wires are interwound together to create mechanical tension and embedded into the protective outer jacket.

There are three design styles of outer jacket:

  • Conventional
  • Ultraviolet proof
  • Chemical corrosion resistive



When temperature threshold is reached, polymer jacket disintegrates and wires contact triggering alarm. Cable is live with control current at all times.

Fire alarm station includes distance locating module for detecting the exact location of a fire. The distance in meters or feet is displayed on fire alarm desk. Either non-addressable desk with normally open contacts detector or addressable desk with control module could be used as fire alarm desk. The special interface module (with separate power supply) detects thermocable response along an overall length and also monitors wire breakage.

Thermocable is used extensively on electric power plants, wood working plants, chemical plants, cement plants, and coal washing plants. The main thermocable feature is the possibility of its installation virtually anywhere – in close vicinity of protected equipment, and at any part of a building including elevator well, garbage chutes, staircase spans, tunnels and other hard-to-reach spots.

The scope of application:

  • Cable runways;
  • Tunnels and collectors;
  • Electric equipment;
  • Refrigeration plants;
  • Conveyors, transporters, and silos;
  • Transformer boxes
  • Garages, warehouses and parking lots;
  • Liquid fuel reservoirs;
  • Berths



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