Программа гидрорасчетов Vector

Еще никогда гидравлические расчеты автоматических установок газового пожаротушения не были такими простыми и быстрыми. Всего 5-10 минут потребуется инженеру-проектировщику для выполнения гидравлического расчета АУГПТ в программе Vector.

Special offer for design engineers of Automatic Gas Fire Suppression Systems:

Training, license, and certificate are absolutely free of charge
1000 rubles for every hydraulic calculation right away
1-2% of project equipment costs after the sale
Free participation in off-site concluding seminar

Vector software advantages:

Graphics block was developed in AUTOCAD.
Axonometric drawings can be created and edited in AutoCAD; project import to Vector will take few seconds!
Hydraulic calculation of Automatic Gas Fire Suppression System is user-friendly and easy!

The user decides when to input project data – all at once in the beginning or step-by-step following in-process recommendations. One ultimate tool for all gaseous extinguishing agents:

Novec 1230;
High-pressure CO2
Low-pressure CO2
Calculations with Vector are incredibly fast!
If any corrections are needed, it will take less time.
Vector is reliability.
Program algorithm is based on GEA weight and floor-space calculation procedures from SP 5.13130.2009. Calculations results were proved by hand calculations using the methodology of Emergencies Ministry of Russian Federation; also in-situ testing was performed in collaboration with Emergencies Ministry Fire Department.
Exclusive access
License for one Vector workstation costs 70000 rubles. After training is accomplished you will receive a free license for using Vector as well as Certificate of Successful Training

You are getting training, license and certificate absolutely free of charge!

Also, we offer special bonus program for design engineers. We appreciate engineers’ time very much, so by accomplishing calculations in Vector without assistance, you help our Design Department. We pay 1000 rubles for every hydraulic calculation done with Vector. After sale, we will pay to you 1-2% of equipment cost (average equipment cost for a small project is 2-3 million rubles; large project may have equipment for 20-50 million.)

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