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CO2 High-pressure

Cylinders and cylinder banks of MPDU series are used in Modular Gas Fire Suppression Systems for fire protection of industrial facilities.

High-quality СО2 according to GOST 8050-85 is used as fire extinguishing agent. СО2 is stored in cylinders under pressure of its own vapors.

Nowadays СО2 (carbon dioxide) is one of the most common gaseous extinguishing agents.

MPDU cylinders as well as MPDU cylinder banks are designed for storing and discharging of CO2 as part of local or flooding fire suppression systems.

The cylinder consists of a container and lock valve. Lock valve is used for keeping agent pressurized in a container and СО2 releasing upon receiving an impulse from the actuator (electric, pneumatic or manual)

Tensometric weighing bed with a controller is used for monitoring СО2 weight. The signal of low СО2 weight goes off if it decreases by 5%.

Two types group of cylinders are manufactured:

  • B2-B10 MPDU 150-V-12 – single row;
  • 2B2-2B10 MPDU 150-V-12 – double row.

Single row cylinder banks.

Single row cylinder banks include from 2 to 10 cylinders connected to the manifold by means of high-pressure hoses.

Two methods of СО2 release are used:

  • Electric impulse is sent to solenoid lock valve of a pilot cylinder. Pressure from the pilot cylinder is transferred to other cylinders to initiate their discharge pneumatically.
  • Single row cylinder bank can be discharged manually by turning manual actuator lever of pilot cylinder. Pressure from pilot cylinder is transferred to other cylinders to initiate their discharge pneumatically

Double row cylinder banks.

Double row cylinder banks include two single row banks with the same actuation features described above. GEA from both cylinder banks passes to the collective manifold. It is allowed not to equip one of the banks with a solenoid valve.

Double row cylinder marking has additional digit 2: B2-B10 vs. 2B2-2B10.

Single row cylinder bank may have a check valve installed; in such a case marking will include OK.
Double row cylinder banks always have check valves, so there is no OK in the marking.

Discharge procedure may include:

  • Simultaneous release of all cylinders in single row bank;
  • Simultaneous release of all cylinders in double row bank with up to 8 cylinders in each row;
  • The step-by-step release of all cylinders in double row bank.

Manifolds are equipped with drainage assemblies to prevent unauthorized release.

All cylinders and cylinder banks correspond to Climatic Category 0 of Allocation Class 4 according to GOST 15150 with temperature range from -20 to 550C.

MPDU cylinders and cylinder banks are serviceable restorable products.

MPDU cylinders and cylinder banks types:

Cylinder type Working pressure, MPa Lock valve diameter, mm Container diameter, mm Lifecycle, years Cylinder, l
MPDU 150-V-12 Рwork = 14,7 Dn=12 320 30 60, 80, 100
Single-row battery B2-B10 MPDU 150-100-12 Рwork = 14,7 Dn=12 320 30 80, 100
Two-row battery B2-B10 MPDU 150-100-12 Рwork = 14,7 Dn=12 320 30 80, 100

MPDU cylinders and cylinder banks specification:

Parameter Value
Cylinder size (volume), l: 60 80 100
Cylinder volume, (+/- 2.5), l 60 80 100
Dimensions, mm:
– container diameter, mm 320 320 320
– cylinder height, mm 1085 1395 1638
– height including protecting cap, mm 1142 1452 1695
– height to discharge elbow axis, mm 1024 1344 1577
Empty cylinder weight (±2), kg 68,7 83,7 95,9
Cylinder filling factor, kg/l 0,72
Lock valve and dip tube nominal diameter, mm 12/12
Lock valve discharge nipple thread W21,8×1/14 DIN 477
Working pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 14,7(150)
Test pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 25,0(255)
Safety device actuation pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2): :
– minimum 18,5(189)
– maximum 20,0(204)
Pneumatic annunciation pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2):
– minimum 2,1(21)
– maximum 14,7(150)
Weight monitoring device supply voltage, V
– nominal 12
– minimum 6
– maximum 30
The number of module trips during the lifetime, times 50
Equivalent module length, m, not more than 3,5
Time of CO2 output is 95% by mass, s, not more than 60
Remainder of CO2 in a cylinder, kg, not more than 0,5
Service life of the module before cancellation, years, not more than 30
Range of application temperatures, оС  -20 до +55
Periodicity of the examination of the cylinder once every 10 years

1. Cylinder weight includes transportation plug and do not include protective cap, packing, and annunciators
Protective cap and packing weight is about 2.5 kilos
2. Protection rating – IP67

MPDU cylinders and cylinder banks are manufactured in bulk by ASPT Spetsavtomatika according to design specifications:

TU 4854–007–68899756–2012

Certificates and Reports for MPDU cylinders and system components:

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