Webinar on the program Vector for hydro-calculations

16 November 2017

On November 22, 2017, a training webinar was conducted on the program of hydraulic calculations Vector (version 2.0.9).

Number of participants online: 71 people.

What they did: the hydro-calculation of the gas fire-extinguishing system was clearly performed, the answers to the questions.

Question from the participants: How to install Vector and get a license?
Answer: if you are from the region, please contact one of our regional managers, their data on our website in the Contacts section.

Question from the participants: Where to see the recording of the webinar?
Answer: all the webinar entries are posted on our website in the Vector section.

Question from the participants: How much does the Vector program cost?
Answer: The cost of one license key is 70 thousand rubles, but for our partners, those who have received training and are actively cooperating with us, the license is issued free of charge. If the number of your calculations does not exceed 20 pcs. per year, then installing Vector is impractical and our engineers will make all calculations for you quickly and for free.